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We’re in some strange times right now. We’re staying home and avoiding contact with others outside of our direct family, but we all need to eat and feed our families.

Many local markets are offering curbside pickup, but many don’t have a way to order online. This is time-consuming and prone to errors. 

This is where LocalOnlineOrdering.co comes in. We provide customizable hosted forms for each market, which lists what they have to offer. It’s quick and easy for customers to fill out the form and the market gets an email listing the customer’s items ordered.

This form can be easily printed and then a staff member just needs to call the customer to get payment info and to confirm the pick up time. 

This is a FAST solution that does not require a lot of effort for the business. 

>>> If you are a market or a business who is interested, please reach out to us at info@localonlineordering.co. <<<

We’re all in this together! Remember to stay safe, wash your hands, and know that we will get through this.

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